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It’s hard to believe that we have been in the mountains for more than a year already, and that we just moved again. While not perfect with our Simple Living plan, we have definitely changed for the better. I was actually doing quite well until we moved. You know how moving requires all kinds of unexpected things, like shower curtains and paint, so I have been spending and buying much more than normal.
This was not a planned move and we chose this house solely based on the things we couldn’t change. The view is amazing, I stop and take it in several times a day, which is good considering how bad the house really was when we bought it. Not only was it previously a rental, it had been neglected for years and smelled so badly that we couldn’t even move in until all the flooring had been replaced ( 25 year old carpet soaked with the urine of great danes bad- yuck!!). Once the flooring was in, we had to remove a bunch of drywall that was also urine soaked (double yuck!) and then we could get down to removing the wallpaper from the kitchen ceiling and start painting.

It’s been a few weeks of work and I have months of DIY work ahead of me, but as the kitchen is almost finished, I can’t wait to share it all with you and hopefully enjoy a slower simple living pace for the winter.

I do have this print framed and on the new mantel, I hope that you can find a place to use it as well.

live simply free printable word art via sunny vegan

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