spring smoothie – sparkling blackberry

healthy blackberry low calorie smoothie ~ vegan


As spring has arrived and bikini season is quickly approaching, I am in need of a few lighter smoothie and salad options. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding these to the blog under the category of Spring Shape Up, taking some personal favorites and making them a little lighter. In general, I don’t have to worry about calories as my weight has been stable for awhile, but the prospect of bearing almost all in my adorable new bikini has me noticing I could stand to lose a few pounds. Don’t tell my husband about the new suit, it’s going to be a surprise- lol

This is actually quite a large serving, very filling and satisfying! Use frozen berries if you don’t have fresh, it’ll still taste great.
The light almond milk only has 35 calories per cup and half a cup was plenty. I added the agave for just a little sweetness, but if you leave it out, your calories are even lower!
* and sparkling refers to the taste and photo here, as the berries look sparklie *

Ingredients:                                       calories:

crushed ice                                              0
1/2 cup ( 4 ounces) blackberries   32
1/2 cup light almond milk                 18
1/2 banana                                              53
1/2 tablespoons agave                       30
1/4 cup soy yogurt                              52

Total Calories                                         185 * check your ingredients for accuracy/changes


place all ingredients into blender and mix well. serve immediately.


April 27, 2012 - 2:53 pm

Kathleen - Perfectly beautiful photo. I cannot wait to try!

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